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Project Vision

It is the vision of the Livingston County YMCA Steering Committee to establish a locally driven YMCA branch organization and facility that provides access, programs and services to people who live, work and study in Livingston County, collaborative opportunities to other service providers and resources to perpetuate the YMCA movement indefinitely.

Project Goals

The Livingston County YMCA Steering Committee has been commissioned by the Board of Directors of the Genesee/Wyoming YMCA’s to realize the following project goals:

Project Goal #1 - Establish a volunteer leadership base that will, in cooperation with Association and Branch volunteers and staff of the Genesee/Wyoming YMCA create, nurture and perpetuate the YMCA movement in Livingston County.

Project Goal #2 - Identify the needs of Livingston County residents and the viability of a YMCA in Livingston County based on the area’s; economic health & general demographics; health and human service needs; collaborative opportunities and community interest/potential volunteer support.

Project Goal #3 - Conceptualize an operational structure, service program and delivery resources that meet the needs of area residents while operating within the confines of the Association’s Strategic Plan and available resources.

Project Goal #4 - Identify and secure available resources in Livingston County to fund the construction and sustain the operation of a YMCA branch facility.

Project Goal #5 - Build a facility and an operation that; meets the needs of area residents; maximizes collaboration potential; is reflective of available resources and is consistent with the Association’s Strategic Plan and ongoing operations.