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Family and Family Programs are at the heart of what we do! In addition to open gym, family swims and special events you will find we have a wide variety of fun family activities for you to enjoy!


DROP ‘N SHOP  Go shopping, take siblings to a doctors appointment, get your hair done, get a massage, take a nap, pamper yourself while your kids have fun at the Y! During child watch hours - 3 hour time limit (24 hour notice required).

YMCA FAMILY Members ONLY:  $10/1st child     $5 each additional child


PARENT'S NIGHT OUT offers a special event where staff members supervise children while they make crafts, play games, make friends, and watch a movie. Each event has a different theme, while parents are free to enjoy a "kid free" evening. This program is for YMCA Members only.  

YMCA Members ONLY: $9 per child


Check the Genesee County Program Listing to see what family events are offered at the Y this session.