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All members are encouraged to have an orientation to the wellness center.  This orientation is free for members and will:

  1. Take you through the available cardio and strength training equipment
  2. Show you how to use it all safely and effectively
  3. Help you find your personal settings on a machine
  4. Answer your general wellness and fitness questions

Please schedule your orientation with the Member Service Desk to ensure a Wellness Center Coach is available.


Physical fitness can be measured, improved and guided to an enhanced feeling of well-being, leading you to a better life.  For members looking to track their health and well-being progress, consider baseline and follow-up fitness assesments.  YMCA staff can perform an evaluation that will provide you with current fitness levels that can establish a starting point and or identfying training needs.  Follow-up assessments can evaluate the success of the proram in achieving your objectives. 

Contact the Member Service Desk to schedule your free Fitness Assessment.