Like the YMCA in Livingston County, this part of our website is in development. As a developing branch of our Association our local volunteers, the Livingston County YMCA Committee and staff are exploring the many ways in which we can serve the villages and towns that make up Livingston County.

          Our goal in Livingston County in the next several years is to expand Y programming in the community by having a staff member dedicated to serving the community. As YMCA programs and services begin to take hold and collaborative partners are identified, the potential for a full facility may become a sustainable option in partnership with Livingston County Leaders. 


Through leadership provided by its volunteers, expertise offered by its staff, and access to and use of its facilities, the YMCA is a catalyst for collaborative thinking and initiatives. Partnerships that expand the reach and impact of the partners is a cornerstone of the YMCA’s operational model.

Family Focused Programs & Facilities

YMCA membership, programs, and services provide the opportunities for families to connect with each other in meaningful and fun ways. The YMCA and its family friendly facilities provide families with a place to be a family.

Health & Wellness

Experts agree that we are not as healthy as we should be. Youth, adults, and seniors all fall below several wellness indicators. The YMCA can play a significant role in addressing this problem by promoting an active, healthy lifestyle throughout our community.

Positive Role Models & Values

The YMCA can help build a moral and ethical foundation for lives lived in a society which presents unclear and confusing alternatives. Founded on the core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility, the YMCA is value driven, with staff and volunteers charged as role models for youth and resources for parents.

Programs & Facilities for Special Populations

Individuals with developmental and physical disabilities, rehab patients, pre and post-natal women, folks with mobility and obesity challenges, and seniors are all population segments that can use and benefit from YMCA programs and facilities designed to meet their unique needs.

Senior Directed Programs & Service

Active older adults represent the YMCA’s fastest growing membership segment. This expanding and vibrant group is in search of facilities, programs, and services designed specifically for them. The YMCA can provide a focal point for senior interests and needs, encouraging and enabling a fuller, more active lifestyle.

Youth Activities & Events

Young people need a place to go and belong and the YMCA can be that place. After school programs, youth athletics, youth programs, summer camp, open gym and swim as well as annual and seasonal special events all give young people safe and fun activity options every day.