Do More, Be More.

          This is the place to improve your overall health and fitness. We offer customized fitness programs as well as a variety of aerobic and strength-building classes. Whether you’re trying to shed a few pounds, get in shape for a sport or upcoming marathon, or just generally feel better, you’ll find what you need here. Our certified, experienced instructors and fitness experts will help show you the way, so why not stop by today?

Personal Training

Whether you want to manage your weight, participate in sports conditioning during the off season, or live healthier, we have a personal training program for you. Certified personal trainers guide participants through a structured workout program. Individualized exercise plans are tailored to meet the member’s specific goals.


Group Exercise

Y group fitness programs are developmentally appropriate and help people at any stage of life build positive health habits. Participation in Y programs offers youth and adults opportunities for friendship and community, a sense of well-being, increased self-confidence, and improved mental abilities. The Y has land and water based classes for people of all ages, abilities, and interests. Consider becoming a part of the Y’s “Group X” family!


Wellness Orientation

All members are encouraged to have an orientation to the wellness center. This orientation is free for members and will:

  1. Take you through the available cardio and strength training equipment
  2. Show you how to use it all safely and effectively
  3. Help you find your personal settings on a machine
  4. Answer your general wellness and fitness questions

Please schedule your orientation with the Member Service Desk to ensure a Wellness Center Coach is available.

Fitness Assessment

Physical fitness can be measured, improved, and guided to an enhanced feeling of well-being, leading you to a better life. For members looking to track their health and well-being progress, consider baseline and follow-up fitness assessments. YMCA staff can perform an evaluation that will provide you with current fitness levels that can establish a starting point and/or identify training needs. Follow-up assessments can evaluate the success of the program in achieving your objectives. 

Contact the Member Service Desk to schedule your free Fitness Assessment.

Youth Wellness

The Y is committed to not only having programs that strengthen adults, but also for kids and families. 

Youth Fitness

Youth Fitness Orientation is designed to prepare 12-14 year old’s in the proper way to use the Wellness Center. The orientation teaches youth about basic anatomy and physiology, the importance of all segments of working out (warm-up, stretching, cardiovascular and strength training, and cool down), how to use the Wellness Center equipment, other ideas for working out, and sets them up for a work-out program to begin with. In order for the child to visit the Wellness Center by themselves, they must pass the youth orientation and demonstrate a proficiency in the use of all equipment.

Walk with Ease

The Arthritis Foundation Walk With Ease Program is a six-week, evidence-based group exercise program appropriate for adults with, or without, arthritis.

Walking, like many other forms of exercise, offers many health benefits. Besides being inexpensive, convenient, and fun, walking can help to strengthen heart and lungs, nourish joints, build bones, fight osteoarthritis, control weight, and improve mood. Walking is also safer and puts less stress on the body than most other forms of aerobic exercise – helping to build stamina and boost cardiovascular fitness. Walking is an especially good exercise choice for people who are older or who have been less active.