Everybody Plays, Everybody Wins.

          Gymnastics classes are offered all year round in sessions consisting of six or seven weeks. Each class builds on skills learned in prior classes. All ages will be offered the opportunity to learn basic and advanced gymnastics skills from experienced and trained staff. Participants will have the opportunity to progress from introductory levels for preschoolers to competitive team.

Program Goals For All Gymnastics Participants Personal Safety

  1. Personal Growth
  2. Skill Development
  3. Have FUN!

Gymnastics Classes will be returning Fall 2 Session



Lil’ Tykes Tumbling (1-3 years old)

          Introduction to gymnastics for toddlers and their parents. Participants will work on large motor development, listening skills, and social interaction with children their age. All of the gymnastics equipment along with basic safety will be introduced during the class.

Lil’ Rollers (3-4 years old)

          Introduction to gymnastics for preschoolers. Participants will work on large motor skills by learning basic skills and safety on each event in a fun and structured environment.

Rollers (4-5 years old)

          Builds on the basic skills learned in the Lil’ Rollers class. Participants will work on large motor skill development while learning basic skills and safety on each event in a fun and structured environment. Students will also learn basic fundamentals that will assist them in future skills in Level I.



Level I Beginner (6 years old and up)

          Gymnasts will learn fundamental skills on each event: beam, vault, floor, and uneven bars. New skills will be introduced during each class and previously learned skills will be reviewed. This is an introductory class. 

Level I Intermediate (6 years old and up with Instructor Permission)

          Builds on basic skills learned in Level I. Gymnasts will be introduced to conditioning that includes strength training and flexibility. All gymnasts train on all four events.


          This is a level that focuses on skill development, strength training, and flexibility. Advanced skills learned prepare gymnasts for routines performed at team level. This level is a step up from Intermediate Level I and will help to get more focused on working their way to the Team program. Pre-Team practices two days a week. 

Team Program – Level II and Up (Instructor/Head Coach Permission)

        This is a competitive gymnastics team that practices year round. The team competes within the YMCA Gymnastics Program throughout NYS. Meets are December through May, away meets are optional. But home meets, gymnasts must participate in. In order to be on Team, you have to try out first. Also must be a YMCA member. 



Private Lessons

Individual sessions provided by a Lead Gymnastics Instructor. Call for pricing and availability.

Floor Rental

Tumble floor is available for your group to rent to practice floor routines and tumbling skills. Call for pricing and availability.

Each gymnastics participant is required to complete a waiver before beginning classes.

YMCA Gymnastics Center located at 29 Liberty Street, Batavia, NY 14020