You Belong.

“No one is denied services because of inability to pay.” 

          Thanks to the United Way, the YMCA’s Annual Strong Communities Campaign, and personal donations, the YMCA has the opportunity to offer scholarship assistance to those who qualify. The YMCA Scholarship Program provides confidential financial assistance for memberships and programs.


          Assistance will be granted on the basis of financial need. The YMCA evaluates financial need based on the number of persons in the household and their combined gross income.  The following chart lists gross income according to household size. If your total household income is the same or less than the amounts on the Income Chart below, you may be eligible for financial assistance. 

          The financial guidelines are used to determine initial eligibility. The YMCA reserves the right to modify this criteria for extenuating circumstances. The YMCA has the ability to deny assistance based on insufficient verification or sufficient income. 

# of People in Household   Gross Annual Income 
1 $21,000
2 $28,000
3 $36,000
4 $43,000
5 $50,000
6 $58,000

How To Apply

Applications are available below or can be mailed to you by contacting the Service Desk at 585-344-1664 in Batavia, 585-786-2880 in Warsaw, or 585-798-2040 in Medina.


          For questions regarding our policy or to check on the status of an application, contact our Finance Department at 585-344-1664.

Strong Communities Campaign is going on NOW!

          The YMCA Strong Communities Campaign Campaign provides much needed help to kids and families in our community! YOUR GIFT CAN HELP! Call the YMCA for more information at 585-344-1664 in Batavia, 585-786-2880 in Warsaw, or 585-798-2040 in Medina!