Ensure a Bighter Future.


The GLOW YMCA raises funds to support its Scholarship Assistance Program through its annual “Strong Communities Campaign.” The Strong Communities Campaign brings scores of volunteers together to raise funds for the YMCA through face to face solicitation, direct mail, and an annual phone-a-thon. The Association’s 2023 Strong Communities Campaign goal is $117,500, with funds to be used to support of:


          Everyday the YMCA provides resources, role models, and safe haven for hundreds of children across its four county service area. Whether they are enrolled in one of the YMCA’s many preschool or after school programs, participate in a nearly endless list of YMCA programs, or enjoy the “summer of a lifetime” at Y-Camp, kids need the YMCA.


          More than ever, families need a place they can go and people they can count on. The YMCA provides a safe and caring environment for parents and children to enjoy each other and themselves. In difficult times like these, the YMCA offers supervision, skills, life lessons, and financial assistance to supplement and enhance the work of the family.


          The expectations of seniors are changing and the YMCA is changing too. The YMCA’s fastest growing membership group counts on the Y to help keep them engaged, involved, and healthy. Limited resources should not be a factor in the quality of one’s life and so the YMCA helps turn back the hands of time so that seniors can feel as young as they act.

Strong Communities Start With You…

          The YMCA is an inclusive organization, available to people of all ages, races, religions, and abilities. Those who cannot afford services are not turned away because the YMCA’s Scholarship Assistance program is there to help. Consider how you might contribute to the YMCA in support of Strong Communities:

$1,000 will help a family afford a school year’s worth of After School programming.

$700 will sponsor a YMCA Family Membership, giving a family someplace to be a family.

$500 will help a single mom or dad with a YMCA 1 Adult Family Membership.

$400 will give a child the “summer of a lifetime” at Camp Hough.

$200 will keep a senior active and fit through YMCA programs and services.

$100 will help a family and keep a child safe with a week of Summer Day Camp.

$50 will keep a young child safe by teaching them to swim.

$25 will get a preschooler and their parents in the pool for Splash ‘N Play.

          For more information about the YMCA’s Strong Communities Campaign

and the good work you can support at the YMCA, contact the branch nearest you.