Because We Care.

          Started by volunteers over 150 years ago, the YMCA remains a volunteer led and volunteer driven organization. Locally, volunteers are at the heart of every aspect of the YMCA. Policy, program and fundraising volunteers help chart the course, steer the ship and fuel the engine of the YMCA.

Policy Volunteers  

          The GLOW YMCA is governed by an Association Board of Directors and supported by branch boards representing and advancing the YMCA’s interest across its four county service area. These Policy Volunteers are responsible for the oversight of the daily operation s of the YMCA through the development and monitoring of YMCA’s policies, procedures and Strategic Plan.

Program Volunteers 

          The YMCA use program as tools to improve lives, young and old, through activities that engage and enrich the Spirit, Mind and Body. YMCA program volunteers develop, direct and support those tools serving along side and in some cases instead of staff. Program volunteers lend their time, passion and expertise to improve, enhance and expand YMCA programs.

Fundraising Volunteers 

          In support of the YMCA’s annual Strong Communities Campaign, ongoing operations, capital projects and the endowment fund, Fundraising Volunteers work year round on behalf of the YMCA. By far the YMCA largest volunteer category, YMCA fundraisers focus first on “friend-raising” in seeking support for the YMCA.

To learn who is leading the YMCA and more about the YMCA volunteer opportunities contact your local branch.